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Part 11
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Feel free to reprompt posts from previous parts once. If you do so, I'd recommend leaving a link to your fill on the original prompt, in case somebody is tracking the first thread.

Please note that you can still fill over at parts one and two- just don't prompt there! I encourage you all to go through looking for older things to fill.

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Welcome to the Young Justice: Animated anonymous fic meme!

How does it work? Basically, you leave prompts, and people fill them with glorious fic. Pretty simple. Anonymity is allowed for those that feel nervous or awkward requesting or filling, but it isn't actually obligatory. Unlike a lot of memes (like kink memes) this doesn't have a particular focus beyond the fandom. Het, gen, slash, femslash, anything else you can think up? Welcome! Crack, drama, angst? Go nuts!

However, we do have some...

Rules and guidelines.

• Animated canon only, please. Crossovers are fine, so is integrating comics/etc. stuff into animated canon, but no outright Young Justice comic stuff, please.
• Be reasonable. Polite. Etc. You may be anonymous, but that is no excuse for being ridiculous. NO CHARACTER BASHING plzkthx
• Likewise, be considerate in your prompting. Trigger warnings are appreciated (for content that may seriously upset people with past experience, such as rape/non-con, self harm, suicide, abandonment, abuse, etc.- at the absolute least, please make it clear what the fic contains about before someone stumbles across it halfway through!), and please be careful with your wording. Memes like this often touch on some sensitive material. If you feel somebody has posted an actively offensive prompt, please either PM me or use the mod post here to bring it to my attention.
• One prompt per post, please!
• Repeat after me: Your Kink Is Not My Kink. Don't attack people's prompts because they aren't your cup of tea!
• Look, just don't wank up a storm in general. I'm sure we can all manage, right? :)

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Incidentally, being polite includes not telling people they're being 'too sensitive' for being bothered by things. Just sayin'. This place is a safe space, in so much as I can make it one, and I don't really like the rhetoric of 'oh, if you're offended you're oversensitive' that I'm seeing in a couple places? Remember: people may have had different experiences than you that influence their view. Don't assume. :)

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I don't even know why I want this, but...

... AU where Wally is Poison Ivy's sidekick?

Because scientist kid + botanist.

(I'm not sure if this has been done before. If it has, I apologise.)

Preferably gen, but I'm also open to Spitfire.

A Thorn in the Side 1/?

A start... I hope you don't mind that I've taken some liberties with Ivy's origins.


There are an infinite number of parallel universes, in which an infinite number of possibilities play out. Sometimes these worlds are so similar that one could spend lifetimes searching for the differences and never find them. Others are so drastically different that an individual from one universe would not even recognize the Earth of another. There are worlds with differences so trivial as one insignificant man deciding on a different breakfast beverage on morning, and others so dissimilar that humans are not even the dominant species on Earth.

In the universe you are all familiar with, the young man known as Wallace Rudolph West grew up idolizing his uncle, Barry Allen, to the point where, upon learning of his dual identity as ‘the Flash’, Wally put all his genius towards duplicating his hero’s abilities, becoming the teen sidekick ‘Kid Flash.

But, in another, something else happened. A different chain of events unfolded, kicked off by the slightest of decisions.

When Wally was young, only six years old, his parents, Rudolph and Mary, arranged a trip. They were to be attending a conference in Cleveland for a week and had decided that bringing their son along with them would be inconvenient to them all. Now, that is not to say that they did not love their son, rather, they knew that Wally would be bored stiff and would not appreciate being dragged along. Instead, they petitioned their relatives for a babysitter.

In the universe you are all familiar with, Rudolph’s sister Iris, and her still new boyfriend Barry, volunteered for the post. Here, however, Iris found herself swamped by work and could not free herself.

Instead, Mary’s sister, Pamela Isley, agreed to take care of Wally, and the youngster was dropped off in Gotham City, where his aunt was studying as a budding botanist.

Instead of being amazed and transfixed by Barry Allen’s anecdotes about forensic sciences and the various cases he had worked on, Wally spent the week equally enchanted by his aunt’s tales of environmental exploits and botanical research.

When the week was over and Wally was returned to his parents, he maintained a close relationship with his Aunt Pam, one that he had been meant to forge with Barry and Iris. And, whenever the Wests were required to go out of town from then on, Wally would be shipped off to Gotham City to spend time with his dearly beloved aunt.

Until, of course, the Incident.

Author-Anon (Anonymous) Expand

A Thorn in the Side 2/?

Months after the discovery of Isley’s journal, Wally bustled about his bedroom, his heart racing in his excitement. Today was the Day.

He’d spent weeks putting the formula together, with much of that time spent simply acquiring the necessary chemicals (his Aunt Iris’s new husband may have been missing a few things from his supply kit) and preparing them as the journal dictated. That had actually been the easy part.

Almost a quarter of his room was taken up by potted plants (venus fly traps, roses, briars and several others), all carefully cultivated to provide him with some of the necessary genetic material.

Meticulously placing a few drops of the briar extract into his concoction was the finishing touch. The formula was ready.

In his excitement, Wally darted to the draws of his desk, plucking a hypodermic needle from its depths, carefully removing it from its sterile packaging before drawing the green fluid into it.

Holding the needle in his hand, Wally stared at it, almost buzzing in his glee, but knowing without a doubt that this next minute would irrevocably alter his life. For a moment he pondered the consequences of that change, what would happen if this was successful? Worse, what would happen if it wasn’t?

He didn’t linger on those thoughts, however, and his mind soon settled on the most optimistic possibility. He, as Poison Ivy’s super-powered sidekick, a hero to the environment, he and his aunt recognized for their genius.

He grinned, and without another thought plunged the needle into his arm, emptying its contents as he tried to hide his wince of pain.

The fluid began to speed through his bloodstream, dispersed by Wally’s racing heart, and he watched, transfixed, as his skin began to pale, radiating outwards from the small puncture wound, turning almost green before his eyes.

He could feel the changes take ahold of his body, he could feel himself grow stronger, and his awareness grew, spreading throughout the room as he began to feel the plants that surrounded him.

He could also feel himself grow weaker as his body, not knowing how to react to the changes, sought to render him unconscious as it dealt with the shock of the transformation.

As his mind began to dim, all Wally could feel was joy. He’d done it.

His parents found him the next morning, emerald lips etched into a smile on his sleeping form.

A Thorn in the Side 3/?

Wally awoke to the sound of screams coming at him from all sides.

Jolting into a seated position, the thirteen year old’s eyes darted wildly around the room as he sought out the source, scuttling wildly along the ground to put his back against a wall.

His eyes soon rested on his parents, whose frames filled his doorway, his father shoving himself between Wally and his mother, as though she needed protection from their own son.

Wally’s eyes met Rudolph’s, and the boy saw something in his father’s soul that he had never seen before. Dismay. Fear. Rejection. It took a moment for Wally to even recognize it, and then to see that it was mirrored in his mother.

“What have you done,” Mary gasped, voice tight with despair.

Wally couldn’t answer her. He was too afraid, too shocked by their reaction. This wasn’t what he thought would happen!! They weren’t supposed to be scared!

It was then that Wally’s attention was drawn back to the plants that littered his room, and he realized that it wasn’t just his parents that had screamed. The vegetation had somehow managed to pick up on the waves of hostility coming from Wally’s parents and had begun to speak to him in a way that Wally had never thought possible.

The plants were reacting to his own fears of his parents’ rejection, and he could see the briars starting to creep slowly from their position, the venus fly traps leaning closer towards the door, and even the roses shifting as they felt something akin to bloodlust against the parents of their caregiver.

A wave of denial rippled out of him, stopping the plant in their tracks, and Wally turned back to face his parents, horrified. Mary and Rudolph were equally horrified, despite not knowing how close they had come to harm.

“Mom, Dad,” he whispered, knowing that that horror was directed at him, “I--”

His mother flinched at his voice, and his father’s face grew tighter still as Rudolph tried to contain his own fear for his wife’s sake.

Wally didn’t now what to do. This was not what he’d planned. His parents weren’t supposed to be scared of him.

The roses moved, this time without him stopping them, coming to place a flower within reach of his right hand, which he plucked with what amounted to the plant’s permission, holding it out to his parents as an offering as he got to his feet.

“Everything’s fine,” he said softly, but as he stepped forward his parents stepped back, and Wally knew that it was a lie.

They didn’t tell him to leave. To Wally’s knowledge they never once verbalized that desire, the idea of truly denying their own son was even more horrifying to them than what he had become, and for that he was immensely grateful. But they didn’t stop him either, when he ran out his bedroom window and out into the world, nothing to his name but the clothes on his back and a single rose clutched tightly in his hand.

A Thorn in the Side 4/?


That first day, Wally wandered. He kept to the shadows of Central City, unable to reveal himself and wishing fervently that he had thought to grab a hoodie, or at least a pair of shoes, before dashing from his home.

He briefly considered going to his Aunt Iris for help, but the thought was fleeting. After his parents’ reaction he knew that there was only one person who would accept his new coloration. It really was a pity she was all the way in Gotham City.

He ducked his head, crouched against the side of an office building miles from his home. Central to Gotham was almost a thousand miles, and it wasn’t like he could ask his parents for a lift or hop on a bus.

As the sun drew higher in the sky, Wally eventually was forced to leave the shade, though only when he was certain no one else was about, only to be struck by the sensation of the sun on his skin.

He almost moaned it was so amazing. The warmth seeped deep into his flesh and the gnawing rumbling in his belly seemed to dim. If he’d been able he would have purred.

In that instant, he felt almost complete. The doubts that had been niggling in the back of his mind dissipated and Wally felt certain that he had done good by administering the formula. In that moment he felt powerful enough to take on the world, and he resolved to himself that he would make it to Gotham City and his aunt, even if he had to walk there himself.


Three days later and he was deeply revising his opinion on that statement. Walking was not fun, especially when one was lacking in shoes. Wally’s feet were covered in a myriad of cuts where rocks and twigs had dug into him, and his body was exhausted.

Each day he walked in an easterly direction for a total of around ten hours, stopping as the sun began to set in the summer sky. At which point, Wally would seek out nourishment.

That was possibly the simplest part of the day, where the plants would lead him willingly to water and the nearest berry bush, where his power would feed the vegetation, just as they fed him. He found, thankfully, that he did not require as much food as he once had, suspecting it to be the result of his transformation, he decided that he was, like the plants, absorbing energy from the sunlight. Photosynthesis.

He hunted, once or twice on his journey. The plants directing him to small wildlife, mainly rabbits, and even acting as snares for him at his direction. Then, using the pocket knife that had not left his side since his eleventh birthday, he would gut and skin the rabbit, as he had been taught to in the Scouts, before setting it to cook above a carefully constructed flame.

And to think, Wally had been completely against the idea of joining the Boy Scouts as a child. He had claimed that he’d never need to know anything that they could teach him. With his situation as it was, Wally was beginning to suspect that the universe had taken that childish statement as a challenge.

Still, he soldiered on, and his body soon began to change, this time not because of any mutagenic formulae that Wally decided to introduce to his system though. No, his body changed naturally, beginning to develop through the pressures he was submitting it too.

His feet began to toughen after long days of hiking. His baby fat evaporated from his frame, no longer sustained by a diet of junk food and a lifestyle of inactivity. Muscles developed and his body grew lithe and strong.

His powers too developed, as, through long days of walking, his powers were the one thing he could do aside from ‘I Spy’, which really got dull when you were playing against yourself. So, he tested his connection to the plants around him.

A Thorn in the Side 5/?

Grass grew wildly as he walked over it, flowers bloomed in his presence. Trees reacted variably depending on their age, with the eldest being so set in their ways that they honestly could not be bothered by him, whilst the youngest turned limber as rubber, becoming multi-limbed aids at his direction.

And, through it all, he talked. Always a social creature, Wally, devoid from others, spoke his thoughts aloud, pretending that the vegetation understood concepts more complex than ‘we want water/food/sun’. The plants responded to his cheerful demeanor, urging him to continue, and he spoke of anything and everything that came to mind.

Until, of course, on the 57th day of his journey, Wally finally reached Gotham City, and, in the presence of civilization once more, Wally turned silent as he began to plot how to release his aunt from Arkham.


If Wally had been a little older, a tad wiser and a touch more experienced, he might have concocted an elaborate sequence of events, wherein he would quietly infiltrate the compound, utilizing the toxic abilities Poison Ivy was feared for to avoid raising any alarm from the prison populace. But Wally was still relatively new to his powers, and, having spent the past six weeks in near total isolation, had not yet tested that aspect of his mutation, nor did he have any desire to experiment with them on the prison guards given the traditional method of application.

Instead, standing on the grassy knoll above Arkham Asylum and being the thirteen year old meta-human that he was, he decided to go with overwhelming force.

Wally reached out with his powers, seeking out every blade of grass in the ground, every seed in the earth, telling them one simple thing. Grow.

Wally concentrated hard, focussing on his surroundings as he saw his desires come into reality. He saw the darkened prison yard sprout a small forest. He watched as ivy creepers running along the walls of the compound grew thicker and longer as they sought out weaknesses in the structure.

He put the vegetation through decades of growth in minutes, sending roots and vines into tiny cracks, forcing them to expand in the mortar until, eventually, a deafening crack rippled through the air, and Wally’s emerald lips widened into a grin as a section of Arkham’s walls came tumbling down.

Snickering quietly to himself, Wally started to make his way down to the newly made entrance, and into the compound itself.

A Thorn in the Side 6/?


Wally could hear the deafening roar of the prisoners as he made his way through the complex, hundreds of inmates awakened by the sudden growth of anything and everything green calling out for Poison Ivy to release them, some swearing loyalty, others promising vengeance. Wally chose to leave all of them alone as he wound his way through the halls.

The guards were no problem, the plants had already found them. When Wally eventually did come across one, he was pinned to a wall by a mass of grass, cussing the world in general and Wally specifically. He chose to leave him alone too, though this time he left with a grin on his face.

“Where the hell is she?” He quietly wondered to himself as he entered another cellblock. He was running out of time, surely someone would hear of Arkham’s little garden troubles soon.

“Hey, Red, little help here?” A girlish voice giggled from a cell as he walked past, before turning colder and confused, “Hey, you’re not Red. Who’re you?”

Wally walked up to the cell, seeing a blonde around his aunt’s age through the barred window, “Thorn. Who’re you?”

“Harley,” the woman grinned, “You must be Ivy’s nephew.”

His eyes lit up, “You know her?”

“Sure, kid,” Harley boasted proudly, “Your aunt an’ I go way back. BFFs since as long as I can remember.”

Wally frowned, “How long can you remember?”

Harley paused at that, frowning slightly as though confused, before shrugging it off, “Iunno.”

“Do you know where my aunt’s cell is?” Wally asked.

“Sure do, Little Red,” she giggled, cutting herself off, “We need to get you a riding hood.”

Wally blanched at that, but shook himself out of it, “So, I let you out, you help me find my aunt, deal?”

Harley nodded solemnly, before grinning maniacally, spitting into her right hand and holding it out through the bars, “Deal.”

Wally returned the grin, spitting into his own hand and shook the offered limb with vigor to seal the deal.

“Back away from the door,” he ordered softly, as tendrils of ivy heeded his call, creeping past him and latching onto various points of the door, several of the vines wedging themselves between the door and the frame itself. In a swift, sudden, motion, the plants tensed, pulling the door from its position, freeing Harleen Quinzel, a.k.a. ‘Harley Quinn’.

“Let’s go,” she giggled, brushing past the green boy without hesitation and skipping dementedly down the hall, “Red’s this way.”

Wally followed without question.


Pamela Isley, better known by the moniker ‘Poison Ivy’, had been asleep in her cell before the night’s insanity had begun, but she, not even with the prison issue power dampener around her neck, simply could not remain unconscious when so many plants were screaming out in joy at the power running through their roots.

She could feel the source of the power, and she knew that it was one such as herself, but it was not until Harley arrived at her door, with what appeared to be a gender-flipped young clone of herself in tow that she realized it was Wally.

Ivy couldn’t bring herself to speak as Harley greeted her, Wally grinning at her side, before numerous vines began to work their way at her door, swiftly releasing her.

She would like to say that, upon her release, the first thing she did was to wrap her absolute genius of a nephew in an unbreakable embrace, but, well, Harley got to her before she could move, and she spent her first minute of freedom trying to disentangle herself from the clown’s grip. Only then could she properly greet her nephew.

“Aunt Pam!” He cheered, as he hugged her tightly, “I am so glad to see you. I figured out the formula!!”

“I can see that,” she smiled warmly, before looking sharply down the hall, “You can tell me how later, first we need to escape. Harley, if you would.”

The blonde giggled in a deranged manner, but her hands deftly moved to the collar around Ivy’s neck, soon rendering it open and useless as it fell to the forces of gravity.

The uncomfortable tightness gone from her neck, Ivy tilted her head to the side, relishing in the resounding crack that was heard with a sigh.

“Let’s get out of here.”

And with Poison Ivy in command of Arkham’s absolutely stunning new garden, her nephew at her side, there was little anyone could do to stop them.

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Author-Anon (Anonymous) Expand

A Thorn in the Side 7/?

It was hours later, hidden away in a conveniently abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of Gotham City, that Ivy got the chance to speak with her nephew.

Harley had went off on her own the second they arrived, whether in search of the Joker or groceries Ivy had no idea, inadvertently giving the duo some privacy.

Sitting Wally down in what was once an office, she finally asked him.

“Why did you do it?”

Out of all the questions he had been expecting, that wasn’t one of them, and Wally was speechless for a moment, which Ivy used to explain herself.

“I am not like this by choice, Wally,” she told him, gesturing to the green tint of her skin, “Granted, I wouldn’t go back, but this was still not a life that I chose for myself. So, why did you do it?”

“I just... wanted to help,” he mumbled softly, not meeting his aunt’s eyes.

“Help?” Ivy smiled, “That’s sweet, Wally, but maybe you should have asked if I’d needed help first, so we could have talked about--”

“No,” Wally interrupted her, facing her again, “I didn’t mean I wanted to help you.”

Ivy froze, stung by his words, leaning back as she prepared to respond. Thankfully he continued before she had the chance.

“I mean,” he went on, “You’re you! You don’t need my help. I wanted to help the plants.”

Ivy almost sagged with relief at that, and almost melted when Wally concluded shyly.

“I wanted to be like you.”

“Well,” she acquiesced with a soft smile, “You are already green. That’s a good start.”

“So,” Wally asked hopefully, “You’ll teach me? I can be your Robin?”

She scowled at the mention of Bird-Boy, but her features swiftly morphed into a grin, “Sure. What did you call yourself earlier with Harley? Thorn?”

Wally nodded excitedly, and Poison Ivy continued, “You can be my Thorn.”

Ivy’s freedom almost ended that night, seeing how she very nearly needed to consult a physician on the subject of broken ribs, brought about by her new sidekick/nephew’s bone crushing hug.


If Ivy had had her way, it would have been months, maybe even years, before Wally met Batman, or, really, anyone else (aside from Harley) from her profession. Unfortunately, due to the fact that she and Harley were escaped felons and Harley Quinn was not, by nature, a quiet individual, Batman tracked the trio to their little hideout within two days.

Thankfully, during their relatively short tenure of freedom, Ivy and Wally had put their powers to work to make the warehouse somewhat more livable, essentially destroying the concrete floor and turning the building into a tropical forrest of a host of plant life.

This, as you would expect, gave her a significant advantage over her opponent, the ivy creepers that lined the outside of the structure even alerting Ivy to the Bat’s presence.

Gotham’s Dark Knight did not waste time with pleasantries or quips, as some heroes were prone to do, he merely appeared from the shadows, weapons drawn. Harley launched herself at him, and the two began to dance a familiar step of battle, Ivy manipulating their surroundings as she joined the fray, not giving a single thought to the second intruder that was bound to be in their midst.

As such, preoccupied by sending the roses to entangle the Batman, Ivy did not notice the Robin propelled Bat-a-rangs being sent her way until Wally had intervened, catching the projectiles with a tangle of vines. Too bad he didn’t know that they were explosive.

A Thorn in the Side 8/?

“Aargh!” Wally screamed in sympathetic pain as he felt his vines be ripped to shreds by fire and tiny shrapnel, “Dude, don’t hurt the plants!”

Robin stared in open mouth shock at the younger chlorokinetic to the side of the elder’s battle. Despite this, however, his quick tongue and razor wit was still functioning.

“Tell them not to hurt me, Bulbasaur!” The Boy Wonder scolded as he avoided the attack of a rapidly grown vine’s whip.

“It’s Thorn, Boy Blunder,” Wally retorted, as several more vines joined the first’s pursuit of the agile Robin, “Now stay still so I can hit you!”

“Make me!”

“Rargh!” Wally growled, losing what little patience he had as he focussed on the ground beneath him, bringing forth another, much larger, vine and crouching upon it as it lifted him skywards, moving him in the young vigilante’s direction.

Robin flipped easily away from Thorn’s plantborne charge, hands darting midair to grip dangling vines and branches of the surrounding vegetation, bounding acrobatically around the area as his opponent followed.

Propelled by his vine, Wally carried himself through the air in pursuit of the colorfully dressed child.

“So, what are you, anyway?” Robin called out curiously, settling into a routine as Thorn tried and failed to capture him, “Did Ivy grow you in a cabbage patch or something?”

“I grew myself, thank you very much, no cabbage patches involved,” Wally replied, settling in space as he called his vine to a halt, coming to realize that his current approach was not working, “What about you? Did Bats put an ad out on Craig’s List or something?”

“Or something,” Robin told him, he too settling as Thorn halted his pursuit, recognizing that the green teen was plotting.

All around him, vines erupted from the vegetation, entangling him in barely even a second.

‘Damnit,’ Robin thought, struggling futilely without even bothering to disguise his ‘hey’ of indignation, ‘This would never’ve happened to Batman!’

“Hah,” Thorn crowed at the captured bird, his vine bringing him closer, “Got you!”

‘Not for long,’ he thought, one hand already having grasped a Bat-a-rang and started cutting at his bonds.

It was long enough, however, for Thorn to rush to Ivy’s side, adding his power to her own and them to overwhelm Batman as his attention was divided between the chlorokinetics and Harley Quinn, giving the trio ample time to escape, despite the clown’s fond desire to pound Batman into pudding first. Luckily Wally was able to talk her out of it.

“He’s a good guy,” Wally had told her, as though that explained everything.

Thankfully the Joker hadn’t been present and Harley’s violent tendencies were, thus, substantially reduced, enabling her to acquiesce to the adorable ‘Little Red’s’ desires.

She still thought he was odd though.

A Thorn in the Side 9/?

“Are you sure that you’re up for this?” Ivy asked, a week later.

“Yes!” Wally rolled his eyes sufferingly. After keeping under the Bat’s radar ever since their escape, Wally was bored enough to consider sneaking into Gotham Academy just for something to do, there was no way in hell Aunt Pam was going out without him!

“Ah, give it a rest, will ya Red?” Harley chided her pal, bumping her ribs with her elbow, “The kid’ll be great!”

Wally beamed at ‘Aunt Harley’, and Ivy groaned. The two were absolutely horrible influences on each other, and they were ganging up on her!

“Fine,” she sighed, pinching the bridge of her nose as her cohorts began to jump around the room in a childish manner that was only excused because, well, Wally was only thirteen, and Harley... was Harley.

The ‘mission’, as Wally called it, was fairly simple in plan and execution, brought about by three simple factors. Wally was restless, Ivy wanted to return to her task of changing the world for the betterment of plants everywhere (which Wally also kind of wanted to do), and Harley wanted shiny things, as well as, preferably, things that went ‘boom’ (which, again, Wally also kind of wanted).

They’d compromised then, with Ivy targeting a shell company owned by Ace Chemicals, one that had been known to have broken various environmental and waste disposal protocols with alarming regularity. This particular target, an industrial factory situated on a riverbank several miles outside of Gotham, had been investigated twice already for illegally dumping chemicals into the river, which was causing a devastating effect on the local ecology.

Wally almost thrummed with excitement as the trio drew near their goal, Ivy smiling almost tenderly, and Harley literally vibrating with energy.

Having been free of Arkham for over a week now, Harley had been able to ditch the prison regs, finding a replacement of her usual costume. Ivy, similarly, had created her leafy leotard almost immediately upon their release.

Wally, on the other hand, wasn’t so comfortable with either spandex or the thought of only leafs covering his modesty, and had, instead, simply asked Harley to steal him a new pair of jeans and a dark green hoodie (she was sent back twice before she finally agreed to get one that wasn’t red) that directly contrasted with the much lighter green of his skin. He had continued to forego shoes, though, having come to much prefer the feel of dirt between his toes.

The three of them walked slowly up to the compound, Ivy and Wally summoning gargantuan quantities of vegetative matter from the earth.

Ivy smiled serenely, Wally grinning proudly and Harley laughing hysterically as gnarled branches ripped the chain-link fence apart, creepers dug into the mortar and grass grew through cracks in the concrete.

Wally concentrated as the creepers dug deep enough to begin to crumble the brick walls, Ivy being experienced enough to divide her attention.


The concentration he’d been cultivating shattered as Wally heard the masculine holler pierce the air, the plants he’d been commanding halting in their progress as he processed the information he’d just been given.

“There are people still in there,” he called out, though Ivy did not seem to take notice.

In an instant, Wally was in communication with the grassy undergrowth developing throughout the facility’s floor, taking note of the positions of two security guards who had had the shared misfortune of drawing the night shift. Vines shot through the infrastructure, wrapping around an arm and a leg before they pulled the struggling employees free of the collapsing building, tossing them to safety as it imploded.

A Thorn in the Side 10/?


“That was fun,” Harley trilled, eyes glued to the rising cloud of dust.

“Hmm,” Ivy nodded her agreement, as her nephew’s eyes widened in horror at what had almost occurred.

“Those guys almost died,” he murmured, loud enough to be heard by the older women.

“Oh, Wally,” Ivy encircled her arm around his shoulders, “It’s fine.”

“But we almost killed them,” he insisted.

Harley shrugged, as Ivy shushed him, “They knew the risks when they chose to work for a company that endangers the environment.”

“Besides,” Harley chirped, “They’re fine now.”

“Yeah,” Wally murmured, as the pair started to direct him away from the crime scene before the police or, worse, Batman, showed up.

They got him back to their current hideout, this time an old apartment building that had been condemned years ago. It was a little shaky, but, with a couple of vines and a few small trees to shore up the structure, it was livable.

Ivy set him to bed, despite his vehement objections, where he slept fretfully, waking intermittently throughout the night from nightmares in which Wally had not heard the screams until it was too late.

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A Thorn in the Side 11/?

Over the next several years, Poison Ivy and Thorn wreaked havoc on Gotham City. They targeted any corporation threatening the environment, destroying factories, warehouses, and, on one memorable occasion, holding an entire skyscraper hostage as they sought to change the mind of a particularly stubborn executive in regards to how he dealt with toxic waste.

They crossed paths with Batman and Robin, along with several other vigilantes, in their misadventures, winning some confrontations, losing others. On the occasions when they lost, Ivy would be sent to Arkham Asylum, whilst Wally would spend weeks in a juvenile institution, having specialists attempt to determine whether or not he was criminally insane, as was his aunt, or merely led astray by a trusted relative.

Escape generally came soon enough. Usually only one of the duo would be captured at a time, and the other would release them within a week. On the one occasion when both were imprisoned, Ivy was lucky enough for the Joker to orchestrate a mass breakout (something which may possibly have been aided by Harley’s involvement).

Harley herself rarely joined them after their first adventure, always preferring to stand by her Puddin’.

On this particular date, however, she had chosen to provide aid.


“Little Red?” Harley whispered loudly, entering the small grove in the forested region of Robinson Park, “You here?”

“Aunt Harley!” Wally grinned, jumping down from a low tree branch to embrace her.

“Whee!” She squealed, as the fifteen year old, now just a tad taller than the blonde, lifted her clear off the ground, waiting until he set her down before continuing, “How you been, kiddo?”

“Not great,” he admitted reluctantly, “Aunt Ivy was arrested four days ago.”

“I heard,” Harley nodded, turning away from Wally as she started poking around the small enclosure of plants he had made for himself, “What happened?”

“I don’t know,” he shrugged, “She went out on some mission and lost a fight with Batman. My briars had a root fungus and I was out of it dealing with sympathetic symptoms.”

Harley hummed her acceptance, before telling the chlorokinetic what she’d come to say, “Puddin’s planning. Tomorrow. It’s gonna be big.”

Wally nodded, well aware of what she was saying. With the police department and Batman distracted by the clown, he’d be able to slip into Arkham and free Ivy without any trouble.

He frowned though, “How big?”

Harley smiled proudly, “Big enough to get the whole of Gotham in a state.”

Wally honestly wasn’t sure if he liked the sound of that.


Hours later, after Harley had left him to his grove, Wally tried to plan Ivy’s escape. His thoughts constantly interrupted, however, by images of the Joker. Flashes of death of destruction as the hellish clown wreaked his own special brand of mayhem.

Wally, despite his status as a ‘super-villain’, considered himself and his aunt as environmental activists. Their actions may have been extreme, illegal, and outright destructive at times, but they all served a purpose. Thorn and Poison Ivy acted to better the world for plants.

The Joker was just a lunatic who liked to kill people in the most extravagant, and usually bloodiest, ways imaginable, all in what amounted to a gigantic game he believed himself to be playing with Batman.

Tomorrow, the Joker was planning something, likely involving kidnapping, torture and murder (his three favorite things). Wally wasn’t sure what, exactly, it would entail, but, thanks to Harley, he knew where it would be.

The police didn’t know. The victims didn’t know. Batman didn’t know. Wally did.

Wally saw himself as an anti-hero, on an (at times) noble quest to save the environment. He didn’t kill people, and, in all honesty, he wasn’t sure if he could stand by and let innocent people be harmed when he knew he could do something.

Fretfully, he shook the thoughts from his head. Tomorrow, Wally was using the Joker’s distraction to free Aunt Ivy. That was what was important. End of story.

A Thorn in the Side 12/?

Wally was waiting at Arkham Asylum the moment the sun began to rise, ready and waiting on the same grassy knoll that he had years before, a radio in his hand that would alert him to when the Joker began his 'fun'.

Wearing only a pair of old jeans, ripped in places, grass stains in others, he spent the morning soaking up sunlight through every inch of his exposed skin, ensuring that he would be at the peak of his power when the time came.

He watched, for hours, as guards came and went about their shifts, a transport vehicle arriving to drop off some new inmates, he even caught a glimpse of his aunt in the exercise yard at one point.

Through it all his ears were pricked, listening intently to every word spewed out by the radio, just waiting for the words ‘special news bulletin’.

It neared three in the afternoon when he finally heard it.

“All across Gotham, citizens are panicking,” the radio informed Wally, “As the Joker has been confirmed as the culprit behind the disappearances of ten children as of this morning.”

“The children,” the broadcaster continued, “Were taken almost simultaneously from various points throughout the city, and seem to share no connections other than the fact that they are all caucasian teenagers, aged between twelve and fourteen years old, with ebony hair and ties to gymnastic institutions.”

Wally frowned, curious about what the Joker was doing, before the pieces clicked in his mind.

About a year ago, the Joker had spontaneously developed an obsession with learning the Batman’s secret identity, and began randomly kidnapping men matching his body type off the street in an attempt to find him. He'd gotten over the desire just as fast, but now it seemed that he was doing the exact same thing, only this time he was after Robin.

For a moment, Wally was shocked. He’d been expecting explosions, robberies, maybe the murder of a government official or two. He didn’t think Joker’d be going after innocent kids.

Wally shook his head clear, it didn’t matter what Joker was doing. Batman would deal with the clown. He was going to free Ivy...

But, Batman didn’t know where the Joker was, did he?

Wally frowned. No, he wasn’t going down that direction... but, well, it would take even the Batman’s legendary intellect some time to find him, and everyone knew the damage the Joker could do in just five minutes, let alone a couple of hours.

And it’s not like these were grown men, these were kids. Hell, according to the radio at least two of them were girls! Innocent kids... trapped with the Joker... who thought that one of them was Robin...

Wally’s head slumped. Poison Ivy could wait, the kids couldn’t. Turns out he was willing to defend more than just plants.


Getting through Gotham wasn’t exactly easy for a barefoot, shirtless, green dude, especially when said green dude was a known eco-terrorist. But, by ‘convincing’ (and by ‘convincing’ I mean ‘kissing and releasing a paralytic toxin into’) the first motorcyclist he could find (thankfully a woman) to relinquish her leather jacket, her bright red helmet, and her vehicle, Wally was suitably covered and roaring down the city streets in no time.

Wally motored through the docks on his way to the warehouse district, breaking about seventeen different traffic laws on his way, speeding around corners and in and out of traffic with an expertise that only comes from all of your previous driving experience being from escaping and evading law enforcement.

He wondered, briefly, as he made his way to the Joker’s lair, how this little incident would reflect on him in future escapades. After all, the criminals of Gotham sort of had an unwritten code, wherein, unless you want to spend the next ten years looking over your shoulder and jumping at shadows, you don’t interfere with someone else’s crime of choice. Wally figured that stopping the Joker from killing a bunch of kids counted as interfering, but decided that he’d just worry about it later.

A Thorn in the Side 13/?

The motorcycle skidded to a rough stop, with rubber burning against the asphalt, in front of the old ‘Tidbits and Giggles’ storage facility, and Wally looked around warily. They were in the middle of the warehouse district, which meant that the chances of a garden were minimal at best.

“I still can’t believe I’m doing this,” Wally moaned softly as he hurried to the side of the building, ditching the bulky helmet as he went.

Noting that entering through the front door would likely result in him getting somehow killed, Wally scooted round the side, finding a fire escape beginning just two meters above his head.

He looked around for a crate or a ladder, anything to help him reach his potential entry point, before he noticed a small crack in the asphalt where a tiny tuft of dandelions were poking through.
Wally grinned, and the small growth began to increase in size, asphalt cracking around it as the root system was strengthened and the stalk swiftly surpassing Wally’s head, soon reaching the beginnings of the fire escape with little difficulty.

“And they call you guys weeds,” he cooed to the plant, before shimmying up the stalk, grabbing onto the wrought iron structure, pulling himself up before moving onto the ladders.

Reaching the top of the warehouse, Wally peered in through one of the skylights, catching sight of the Joker’s setup.

The ten kids were lined up in the center of the empty building, all of them bound, gagged, and lying helplessly on the floor as the Clown Prince of Crime himself paced around them, ranting from the looks of it. Harley herself was off to one side and, from the looks of it, she was supposed to be watching the perimeter, but was instead focussing on staring adoringly at her Puddin’.

Wally shuddered. Grown ups having relationships was just wrong, Harley and the Joker downright gave him the wiggins.

He shook his head clear of disturbing images, focussing on the kids below. Most of them were random faces, two or three baring maybe a passing resemblance to the Boy Wonder. He noted that he kind of recognized a few of them. One of the kids was on T.V. a few months back, after winning some gymnastics tournament when Wally had awaited Ivy to free him from the Gotham Juvenile Detention Centre, the other was Bruce Wayne’s ward.

‘Richard, but not Richard,’ he thought idly, trying to place the name, ‘Rick?’

Wally moved on, the kid’s name didn’t matter after all, turning his focus on the rest of the room as he sought out something he could use. His eyes passed over an old conveyer belt setup, a number of large crates, a crowbar lying around and... there! In the corner!

Wally’s lips pulled into a grin, “Perfect.”

A grunt caught his attention, and Wally noted, with a wince, that Rick had spat out his gag, and had just earned himself a solid kick to the ribs. He sucked a breath in slowly through his teeth. That looked painful.

‘Moving on,’ Wally thought, as he focussed his attention on opening the skylight, noting the padlock with mild amusement, ‘I wonder if it’s ironic or just coincidental that Aunt Harley’s the one who taught me to pick locks in the first place?’

A Thorn in the Side 14/?

Dick Grayson breathed deeply through his nose as the pain in his ribs dulled marginally, forcing himself to refrain from cussing the Joker out for fear of drawing more of the maniac’s ire.

‘Where the hell’s Bruce?’ He thought miserably, wishing that he wasn’t the one currently hogtied, ‘Why couldn’t he be the one who needs rescuing, just this once!’,

But, of course, he had to be the one kidnapped in his civilian identity. Again! What, was he giving off a telepathic signal to the Gotham criminal element?

Dick’s internal ramblings cut off midstream when a glint of light caught his eye, drawing his attention to the skylight in the roof, where the glass plane was slowly being jiggled open.

‘Who the hell...?’ He wondered, knowing that Batman would never be so sloppy, as the window opened, and Dick saw the silhouette of a green figure throw something, which dispersed into pieces, to the ground, somehow managing to avoid the Joker’s attention.

The green threw him a bit, as Robin was well aware that the Martian Manhunter would have simply entered through the walls, not bothering with a window. Green Arrow maybe? No, Dick was certain that he’d seen the outline of a leather jacket, so Ollie was out.

‘Did Ollie and Dinah have a kid that I don’t know about?’ He asked silently, before the figure finally moved out of the sun’s rays, giving him a decent look, which only served to confuse him even more. ‘Is that... Thorn?’

Dick frowned, positive that he had to be misunderstanding things. Why would Thorn be sneaking around the Joker’s lair?

Dick didn’t have time to consider that line of inquiry further, as the appearance of green off to the side drew his eye, and he, along with everyone else present, was witness to the sudden growth of a small forrest appearing out of the exposed dirt in the eastern corner.



Wally watched with rapt concentration as his fistful of seeds began to grow, forming sinewy vines that reached out into the air, grasping at everything it could touch as Wally carefully directed them to grab the Joker.

“What are you doing, Ivy?” The Clown hollered, facing the vines as they writhed towards him, “I’m working here. Honestly, Harls, control your little friend before I turn her into mulch.”

“But, Red’s still locked up in Arkham,” Harley told him, looking at the growing vegetation in fear and confusion, addressing empty space as she called out, “Little Red? Are you there? What’s going on, kid?”

Wally was almost saddened by the way his honorary aunt was actually scared of what was going on, but pushed through it as a number of his vines lashed out, latching onto the Joker’s limbs, ripping away his prized carving knife.

“I didn’t order the salad bar!” He yelled, struggling futilely in the plants’ grip as the vines lifted him from the ground, “I just wanted the chicken!”

Harley leapt to her Puddin’s defense, something Wally truly wished she hadn’t done, as it forced him to restrain her also, though she certainly put up a much better fight than her lover.

Under Wally’s direction, the vines hauled the criminally inclined clowns to the eastern wall, pinning them there as several appendages stretched up to the skylight.

Wally hopped in through the window, grabbing onto the vines easily with one hand, propping his foot against it as he easily slid down to ground level, crouching when he hit the ground to absorb the impact.

Harley and the Joker tried to respond to the appearance of Thorn in their midst, but Wally flicked his wrist as soon as they began, causing vines to tighten around their mouths, effectively gagging them.

A Thorn in the Side 15/?

With them taken care of, Wally walked over to the nearest of the kidnapped children and got to work untying them.

It kind of hurt, when he approached them, how they flinched away from him, but, he supposed, that was the price you pay when you become a known super-criminal.

“I’m not going to hurt you,” he tried saying, as a vine reached out towards him and he knelt down to the child’s level. It was one of the girls, he noted idly, guessing that the Joker had decided that 'Robin' was a gender ambiguous name and that the 'Boy Wonder' might not actually be so, and, as the vine met his hand, he coaxed it into growing a soft red rose.

“Here,” he said kindly, plucking the rose from its stem and placing it under the girl’s nose, “Harmless.”

She seemed to accept that, only for her eyes to widen in horror as, from the same vine which had sprouted the rose, a dagger-like thorn began to grow.

“Relax,” Wally told her softly, tugging the thorn free of the vine, before using it to cut through the girl’s bonds, “I’m just horrible with knots. Missed that merit badge in the Scouts.”

She and the others calmed down considerably at that, and Wally soon had most of them freed. As he worked on the last one, ‘Rick Wayne’, though he may have been mistaken, someone asked him, “Why are you helping us?”

Wally cut the final strand of rope and looked at the crowd of ebony haired kids. He answered simply, “I’m not the bad guy.”

He left almost immediately after, long before the police even knew where the Joker had been hiding, giving his vines leave to grow as they pleased and simply walking out the door, reclaiming the stolen motorcycle (canary yellow with scarlet red highlights which, for reasons Wally couldn’t explain, somehow felt right) and driving off into the city, wondering all the while if he could still get to Arkham and free his aunt without too much trouble.

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Author-Anon (Anonymous) Expand

A Thorn in the Side 16/?

He didn’t free her. With both the Joker and Harley on their way back to Arkham, security was quadrupled, a miracle given the overworked staff, and Wally’s original methods of simply using overwhelming force hadn’t been all that effective since the security guards started carrying flamethrowers.

Instead, he took his new bike (yes, he was keeping it) back to Robinson Park, where he tucked the bike deep in the brush and ducked himself back into his grove, only to find it occupied.

“Why did you stop the Joker?” The dark figure asked in a gravel tone that Wally had stopped being scared of years ago.

“Why do you care?” He asked, shrugging back into the leather jacket he had begun to remove, preparing to run. Now that he was looking, he could sense Robin in the trees around them, way too close to... wait.

“Hey!” Wally shouted, flashing an arm in the Boy Wonder’s direction. Robin gave a startled ‘eep’ as the branch he’d been standing on suddenly moved out from under him, another limb reaching out to catch him as he begun to fall. “No touchie my stuff!”

Robin grinned cheekily, dangling from his ankles between Thorn and Batman, a few copies of ‘New Scientist’, some candy bars and an old Nintendo DS dropping to the floor below him.

“Pokemon?” Robin asked, pointing to the gaming device..

“Duh,” Wally rolled his eyes.

“You went with Bulbasaur, didn’t you?” He grinned cheekily, noting that a slight red tinge was rising in Thorn’s usually green cheeks.

“And I’m guessing all of yours are flying or fighting?” Wally returned.

“...maybe,” Robin said evasively, pouting mildly. He hadn’t realized he was quite that predictable.

A low growl from Batman distracted the teens, as they remembered where exactly they were.

“Why are you here?” Wally asked, noting that Batman was holding a small flamethrower in his hand, which meant that trying to fight would not end pleasantly. “I haven’t done anything wrong... recently.”

“Why did you stop the Joker,” Batman asked again.

“Yeah,” Robin nodded, still dangling, “That was unexpected, and Bats kind of hates being surprised by super-villains.”

“I’m not a super-villain,” Wally said forcefully, the trees around him bristling as they felt his irritation.

“You’re a meta-human who breaks the law on a regular basis,” Batman informed him.

“That kinda qualifies you for a super-villain,” Robin said simply.

Wally frowned, “But I’m not like them. Ivy and I are trying to make the world better for the environment, the Joker’s just a monster.”

“Okay, sure,” Robin agreed, not really looking at Thorn as he pulled himself up so that he could see about releasing himself, “But you’ve never foiled his plans before. Why now?”

The emerald skinned teen was silent for a moment, before deciding it was safe to answer, “Harley showed up here yesterday and told me that the Joker was planning something. I was going to use it as a distraction to break into Arkham until I heard what it was.”

Even with the cowl, Wally could tell that Batman was raising an eyebrow at him.

“Well it’s not like I was gonna let him carve up a bunch of kids looking for Bird Boy!”

Batman and Robin watched as Thorn then proceeded to pinch the bridge of his nose, muttering about how he shouldn’t have kept the bike, because of course they’d track him down.

As the chlorokinetic continued with berating himself, the Dynamic Duo shared a look, Robin momentarily abandoning his attempts at escape as he clasped his hands together in front of him and mouthed ‘please’ several times.

Behind the mask, Bruce Wayne sighed, he couldn’t do what Dick was asking. He didn’t have the authority.

“The police are on their way,” he told the green boy, who nodded knowingly, “Are you going to come quietly?”

“Yeah,” Thorn said dully, as the sound of sirens reached his ears, “Sure, whatever.”

A Thorn in the Side 17/?


“I’m telling you, Bruce, he’ll do it!”

“He can’t be trusted.”

“He saved my life!”

“And has committed uncountable acts of terrorism.”

“In the name of environmentalism! We’re not talking about a cold-blooded murderer, here, Bruce!”

“It’s not going to happen.”

“Well who else are you going to get? I’m too young, remember?”

“Miss Martian’s shapeshifting abilities will allow her to--”

“Enter Belle Reeve as a new prisoner,” Dick finished mockingly, “And, of course, everyone’ll let the newbie with no rep in on their elaborate schemes!”

“Artemis has connections through her father that will grant her credibility as a villain and--”

“We can’t ask Arty to screw up her civilian life by being arrested!”

“Superboy could--”



“Is a worse choice than Superboy!” Dick exclaimed, “Can you picture him trying to act like a bad guy? He’s too nice.”

“Thorn’s got the reputation,” he continued, “He’s enough of an escape risk that the League could get him transferred to Belle Reeve without any trouble, and you and I both know that he’ll do it if we ask! He’s a good guy!”

Bruce stared at his protégé and ward stone faced, trying to come up with an argument that would have Dick let the idea go.

It really was ironic that this discussion would never have been necessary had Wally West gone down the path to become ‘Kid Flash’, rather than growing into ‘Thorn’, as, due to his machinations as ‘Thorn’, Wally had inadvertently inspired Tommy and Tuppence Terror to begin their lives of villainy several years earlier than they otherwise would have.

This had led to them being arrested for the first time at the age of fourteen, and they were currently awaiting the completion of their sentence in just another three months.

Consequently, Tommy and Tuppence Terror could not serve as disguises for Superboy and Miss Martian to infiltrate the Belle Reeve Penitentiary, leaving the Justice League in something of a pickle, and allowing Robin to pitch his idea.

Batman, with limited options, five ice-themed criminals rapidly approaching Belle Reeve, and Robin dangerously close to pouting, reluctantly agreed.


Wally couldn’t say that he was all that surprised when he got word that he was being transferred to Belle Reeve Penitentiary. Not when Poison Ivy had just escaped Arkham the day before.

No, what surprised him was that he was currently being carted off to the Gotham Juvenile Detention Centre visitor’s room. Thorn only ever got two visitors. One of them was annoying, the other was terrifying.

It was difficult for him to even get into the visitor’s room given that the guards all refused to get close enough to touch him, so, even when he was finally herded through the door, none of them moved in to release him from his handcuffs.

Sitting at the table provided, Wally waited, hands bound uncomfortably behind his back, until the door opened again, this time to allow the entry of three colorfully dressed individuals.

Wally sighed in relief. This was just the annoying visitor, though why Robin’d brought friends was a complete mystery.

“Hi, Wally,” Robin chirped.

Wally groaned as the blonde archer behind the Boy Wonder snickered.

“I see why you switched it to ‘Thorn’,” she muttered.

“Whatever,” Wally grumbled, before eyeing the dark-skinned Aqualad, “You bring extras for the weekly Pokemon battle, Rob?”

“Not today,” the acrobat said cheerily, slouching in the free seat across from Thorn, “We’ve got an offer for you.”

An eyebrow raised on Wally’s brow in disbelief.

“We require your assistance,” Aqualad informed him.

Wally’s eyebrow raised further.

A Thorn in the Side 18/?

“Look, here’s the deal,” Robin explained, “You’re going to Belle Reeve this afternoon--”

“I take it you had something to do with that?”


Groaning, Wally nodded his head, “Continue.”

“As of today,” Aqualad proceeded diplomatically, “Five villains, each with powers over ice, have gone to extraordinary lengths to become incarcerated there. We suspect that they are planning a mass breakout.”


“We want you to spy on them,” Artemis finished casually.

Wally frowned, peering at them disbelievingly, “You want me to go in and snitch?”

“We prefer ‘spy’,” Robin told him, “It sounds cooler.”

“This is true,” Wally admitted thoughtfully, “But... no thanks. It’s been hard enough in here ever since I stopped the Joker, I don’t want to add ‘snitch’ to my repertoire.”

“Come on,” Robin wheedled, “All you’ve gotta do is get Icicle Jr. talking, maybe Captain Cold or Mr. Freeze... you’ll reduce your sentence and no one will even have to know it was you!”

“Wait,” Wally froze, “Icicle Jr.’s the one I’d be spying on?”

Artemis, Aqualad and Robin shared a confused look, before reluctantly admitting, “Yes.”

Thorn turned introspective for a moment, before saying, “I’m tempted, knocking Cameron down another peg or two is always fun, but... no thanks.”

“Wally,” Robin tried, “Come on. Think about it, if these guys manage a mass breakout of Belle Reeve, there’ll be about five hundred odd super-villains roaming the streets. And not the nice kind like you and your aunt. We’re talking the Riddler, Icicle Sr.... murderers and monsters of all sorts. Can you really sit back and let them go free?”

Wally again turned introspective, squirming a little as he tried to avoid the three sets of eyes staring at him.

“And, if you don’t,” Robin grinned, “Marissa Heller’s almost got enough signatures for her petition.”

Wally was suddenly ramrod straight, eyes widened in fear.

“I’m in,” he said quickly, “Now get me the hell out of here!”

Artemis frowned, “Who’s Marissa Heller?”

It was a fact of life that just about every public figure will draw a certain following, people who are, essentially, ‘true believers’ of the individual’s ideologies and personal philosophies. People who disregard their idol's faults and venerate their more positive qualities. Commonly, many of these people are termed ‘crazies’. Wally was one such person for his aunt.

Given that Thorn was an attractive (if exotic) young man who often committed daytime crimes without a shirt on, with somewhat noble environmental goals and a developing reputation as an anti-hero, Wally had managed to draw a small but loyal following of fans.

One of these fans was Marissa Heller, an environmental bloggist who had convinced herself that everything Wally had done in the past several years, up to and including granting himself his meta-human abilities, had all been to show his support for her cause, despite the fact that ‘Thorn’ had actually gained his powers just over three weeks before her first post.

Her petition, which in actuality had absolutely no chance whatsoever of being enforced, was meant to allow Thorn and her to enjoy conjugal visitation rights, despite the fact that both were underage and were not legally married.

“Scary girl,” was all Wally would say about her.

“Then let’s get you to Belle Reeve,” Robin chirped happily, standing to leave, before turning back quickly, “Oh, I should warn you, due to the higher percentage of female security guards at Belle Reeve, they can’t afford to ensure that only males are assigned to deal with you, so they’re going to be insisting that you wear a muzzle.”

“Say what!!” Wally yelled as Robin shuffled Aqualad and Artemis out the door, signalling to the guards that Thorn was ready for transfer.

A Thorn in the Side 19/?

Less than a day later, Wally was cursing out everyone and everything that he had ever come into contact with.

Being in Belle Reeve, he could deal. He wasn’t all that worried about the other inmates. There were very few people who would risk messing with Poison Ivy without a damn good reason.

The power dampener around his neck, however, had a few upgrades from the previous model. Namely that the Belle Reeve design doubled as a shock collar. Wally was rapidly getting sick of that.

To add to that, he was rooming with Cameron Mahkent, a.k.a. ‘Icicle Jr.’, who was, to Wally at least, possibly the most irritating individual on the face of the earth. This, combined with the fact that his muzzle was stopping him from saying ‘shut the hell up’, was doing absolutely nothing for his mood.

Honestly, you dose a female guard with enough pheromones and convince her to help you escape three times and they never trust you again! It was ridiculous is what it was!

“I’m telling ya, Thorn,” Junior went on from the top bunk, Wally fuming below him, “Stick with me and you’ll be fine.”

It bothered him because, well, Junior was an arrogant prick, the result of being born a meta-human, only for your father (when he wasn’t incarcerated) to constantly espouse the power of the abilities you had inherited.

Granted, Wally was also an arrogant prick. But, unlike Junior, who was all brawn and only had the brainpower to back up about a quarter of what he said, Wally was smart enough to follow through on all of half of what he promised.

“C’mon, Thorn,” Junior told him, noting that the electronic doors had opened, “Cafeteria's open.”

Behind the muzzle, Wally smiled. At least the food at Belle Reeve was definitely better than the GJDC.


Wally worked his jaw as soon as he reached the cafeteria, the guards having been forced to remove it so that he could actually eat. Granted, the guards had done so whilst wearing full hazmat suits, but still.

He followed Junior as they got themselves food, attempting to fully abuse his recently regained power of speech as Icicle tried to explain the system of ‘the Alpha Dog’.

“I know the drill, Cam,” Wally told him sufferingly, “I have been in prison before.”

“Yeah,” Junior laughed, “But this is the first time that Aunt Hot Chili Pepper hasn’t been right behind you to bail you out.”

Wally frowned, realizing that, for possibly the first time, Cameron may have had a point. The past month had been the longest time he’d been incarcerated during his entire career as an ‘environmental activist’. And, now that he was in Belle Reeve, he kind of doubted Ivy’s ability to bust him out. Harley, maybe, but Wally was fairly certain that he’d be off her Christmas list for the next year or so.

“You need to learn how to handle prison in the longterm,” Cam continued idly.

“Sure,” Wally admitted with a mild smile towards the psychotic cryokinetic, “And us chromatically challenged, underaged, super criminals have to stick together.”

“Exactly,” Cam nodded, directing Wally towards a group of older men, “First thing to do... pay tribute to the big dog.”

As the green and blue duo reached Blockbuster and Brick, who, quite frankly, almost had both of them wetting themselves. Thankfully they stood aside as a courtesy to ‘the Alpha Dog’ of the men’s wing of Belle Reeve Penitentiary. Icicle Sr.

A Thorn in the Side 20/?


“Thorn,” the large man said lowly, completely ignoring his son, “I’ve heard stories about you.”

“Well... that’s nice?” Wally tried, before taking in the two men on either side of him, recognizing both as two of the other three cryokinetics he was here to spy on.

“Yes,” Senior drawled, “Interfering with the Joker’s plans? How... out of character for Poison Ivy’s protégé.”

Wally shrugged, “The guy wanted to carve up a bunch of kids. I’m a crook, not a monster.”

“He was trying to ferret out the Boy Wonder,” Senior informed him, “Casualties would certainly have been acceptable.”

Noting that Blockbuster and Brick were closing in, Wally started getting extremely nervous.

“You realize that I can spit at you, right?” He pointed out, realizing that Junior had stepped aside and that the lights had just been blocked out by the towering monsters.

Brick cracked his knuckles. Blockbuster was unreactive.

Wally hocked a gob, nailing Blockbuster in the chest, who suddenly realized why Thorn had been wearing a muzzle to begin with. Brick was next, falling limply to the ground for possibly the first time in his life.

Wally was then shocked senseless by his collar for illegal use of meta-human abilities, regretting only that he’d been zapped unconscious before he got to eat.


“Did you know he could do that?” Artemis asked, several hours later as she and several others reviewed the security tapes.

“We did,” Kaldur admitted, “That’s why he wears the muzzle around the guards. He can manipulate the toxicity in his saliva to produce a variety of effects, and, as it is an intrinsic part of his unnatural physiology, the power dampener is unable to nullify it.”

“It’s annoying as hell to get hit with it, I’ll tell you that,” Robin told her, shuddering at the memory.

They winced in sympathy as the shock collar around Thorn’s neck zapped him unconscious.

“Are we certain that Thorn will be able to salvage the mission after this?” Kaldur asked.

Artemis nodded absentmindedly, “Cameron’ll’ve been amazed by that little display, and Senior can’t not pull him into his crew now. The potential for having a functioning meta at your disposal is pretty much priceless in prison.”

Artemis then realized exactly what she’d said and who was listening.

“Uh,” she choked, “So I hear, that is. And, Junior, his name is Cameron, right? I think I saw that in the files somewhere...”

Kaldur and Robin didn’t buy it. Thankfully, though, they were good enough actors to let the archer believe that they had.

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A Thorn in the Side 21/?

A day later and Wally was fairly certain that he was screwed. He was trapped, you see, in Belle Reve Penitentiary, in the middle of a riot. Whilst the inhibitor collars were disabled.

This effectively destroyed Wally’s previous advantage of maintaining the toxic properties of his spit as, well, now the meta-humans had him severely outnumbered and, honestly, Wally’s power over plants was pretty much useless in a concrete building where the only vegetation were a pair of potted ferns in the therapist’s office.

At least Junior had frozen the muzzle off his face.

“Take Blockbuster,” Senior told his son, “And help Frost get the women in here.”

Wally shifted his eyes uneasily between the father and son, deciding that he’d best follow Cam.

He watched, growing exponentially more nervous as Junior continually froze the wall separating the male and female wings of the prison, weakening it so that Blockbuster could work on breaking through it.

As he did this he considered exactly how he might manage to stop the breakout without getting his ass killed.

Seeing Blockbuster create a crack in the ice cold concrete, he noted that the monster was still wearing his disabled inhibitor collar and formed a plan. His eyes fell on Cameron. All he’d have to do is convince him to go against his father.

Wally spat paralytic venom at Blockbuster, rendering him limp yet again.

“Dude!” Junior yelled, “What the hell are you doing???”

“Cameron, I’m going to be honest with you,” Wally said quickly, “I’ve known you for over three years now, and in that time you’ve done absolutely everything you can come up with to try and earn your dad’s approval, but you’re never going to get it because he’s jealous that you were born with the powers he spent his adult life mimicking through technology.”

“Right now,” he continued, “You’re willing to help him let five hundred odd super-villains out to wreak untold havoc on an unsuspecting population just because your dad wants you to. But are you really willing to let that happen?”

Icicle Jr. paused momentarily, allowing Thorn to continue.

“Help me turn the inhibitor collars back on,” he pleaded, “Be your own man for once in your life.”

Junior, having finally processed what was being asked of him, promptly raised his arms and fired a blast of freezing energy at his green skinned adversary.

Thorn, having years of practical experience in avoiding Bat-a-rangs and a certain amount of training from Harley Quinn, managed to avoid it, barely, despite the chill that ran up his spine.

Time seemed to pause as Thorn and Junior’s eyes met, both frozen as the gravity of the situation weighed down on them. Both knew that Wally was the only one in Belle Reve capable of foiling Icicle Sr.’s plans. Both also knew that, without access to plant life, Cameron had the distinct advantage.

Wally turned tail and ran, Cameron hesitating just a moment too long as he glanced sideways at first the downed Blockbuster and then the cracked wall, before taking off in hot pursuit.

A Thorn in the Side 22/?

Long past midnight, an armored transport vehicle sped down the highway, making the journey from the Belle Reve Penitentiary to a secure Justice League holding facility. The truck was flanked by three motorcycles, driven by a solemn, dark-skinned young man in his late teens, a blonde haired girl of Vietnamese heritage, and a muscularly built caucasian boy.

Within it, shackled to a seat in the bed of the truck, sat Wally West, the noted ecoterrorist ‘Thorn’, who was absolutely entranced by one of his fellow passengers, the green skinned ‘Miss Martian’, who was politely attempting to rebuff his advances as Robin, the Boy Wonder, giggled into his closed fist.

“Seriously, though,” Wally said pointedly, momentarily distracting himself from his plans to seduce the Martian, “This is hardly what I’d call a hero’s welcome.”

“What’d you expect, man?” Robin asked.

“I thought I’d get a little recognition,” Wally pouted, “Some respect for my heroic actions.”

“You outran some dude and pressed a button,” Robin told him plainly.

“I outran some dude who was hurling icy death in my direction!” Wally reminded him heatedly, “I’m part plant, dude, do you have any idea what cold does to me?”

“It was... very brave of you,” Miss Martian offered nervously.

“Thank you, babe,” Wally smiled, bowing in his head in her direction, not actually able to gesture in any other way,“I appreciate the support.”

“Whatever, man,” Robin smirked, watching as Thorn continued his efforts to woo the only woman alive to have a thumb as green as his that was not related to him. It was fun to watch if nothing else.


M’gann hadn’t really been sure of what to think of the mission when Batman had assigned them guard duty. It had seemed something of a waste of resources to dedicate their time and energy to a simple prison transfer after all, but Robin insisted that Thorn’s life may well have been at risk after his actions in Belle Reve, and that the chlorokinetic deserved their help.

Considering what he had done for them, M’gann was inclined to agree, but, after an hour in his presence, she was growing weary of his constant attempts at what Artemis laughingly assured her was ‘flirting’.

It was why she was so thankful when the prison transport vehicle arrived at their destination, a zeta-tube dock in southern Louisiana, where Thorn would be sent to a secure facility in Star City.

As the truck pulled to a stop, she smiled and waved Robin out ahead of her, so that the so called ‘ninja’ of the team could aid the others in scanning the area before they began to move the prisoner.

“You know, you don’t have to smile for me,” Thorn told her suddenly, his voice much more... subdued, than it had been when Robin was present.

“What?” M’gann asked, her smile never dimming in her confusion.

“You don’t have to pity me,” he said, eyes downcast at the ground.

“What do you mean?”

“I thought that you’d understand, being green an’ all,” Thorn told her, his voice cynical and somehow quiet, as though a lump had formed in his throat, “But it’s not the same.”

“I don’t understand,” M’gann repeated softly.

“I’ve been green every day for almost four years now,” Thorn explained tiredly, raising his head to meet her eyes, “I’m used to hearing the jokes people say behind my back. I’m used to people quoting scripture when they see me walking down the street...”

“You can shape-shift, can’t you?” Thorn cut himself off, turning away as best he could, “If you don’t like something about yourself you can just change it. I don’t know what I was thinking, you probably don’t even know what it means to look in the mirror and hate what you see.”

Privately, and despite feeling something akin to shock, M’gann thought that that was only true here on Earth. Back on Mars, everyone was telepathic, so no matter what form you took, people would always know who and what you are no matter how hard you tried to hide.

“No,” she told him softly, “I know what that’s like.”

A Thorn in the Side 23/?

“It’s just, I never even got to kiss a girl before all this,” Thorn smiled self deprecatingly, “I saw you and thought... maybe, someone who’s just like me...”

M’gann felt a wave of empathy flood through her, recalling how she too had been ostracized and rejected because of what she was. Perhaps Thorn’s experience wasn’t quite the same as hers, but M’gann felt for him all the same.

And perhaps she didn’t feel anything more than empathy for the plight of the emerald boy in the prison jumpsuit, perhaps she wished that she could instead be kissing a certain Kryptonian, but all he was asking for was that single kiss, and perhaps Thorn would begin to feel the acceptance that she herself had longed for on Mars, and had found on Earth. Given that it would cost her nothing, surely it was worth it?

Leaning in, M’gann made to peck him on his green tinged cheek, only for his head to twist unexpectedly, and Thorn captured her lips with his own.


Kaldur returned from his perimeter sweep at the same time as the others, confident that their were no aggressors in the immediate area and prepared to go through with the prison transfer, only to hear the sound of tearing metal emerge from the transport vehicle.

“M’gann?” Conner said questioningly.

“Miss Martian,” Kaldur asked loudly, “What happened?”

A green skinned figure stepped out of the truck, a ridiculous grin on his face, another, equally green, figure hovering directly behind him.

“She fell for the old ‘it’s not easy being green’ routine,” Thorn told them mockingly, spinning his disabled inhibitor collar around his index finger, “I had to mess with it a little since she’s green too, but it still worked.”

Kaldur’s eyes widened in horror. M’gann’s raw potential for telepathy made her one of the most powerful psychics on several worlds, as well as granting her full immunity from telepathic suggestion. Thorn’s hypnotic abilities, however, were entirely physical, relying on pheromones to induce a state of suggestibility in the victim. M’gann was just as vulnerable as any other female, just as any male was equally vulnerable to Poison Ivy.

A volley of Bat-a-rang’s shot from the shadows, informing Kaldur of Robin’s return to the group. The projectiles were stopped midair by a gesture from M’gann.

“Bad Bird Boy,” Thorn called out sternly, “Miss Martian, get’em.”

M’gann’s arms shot upwards, and Kaldur found himself being hurled from the ground at speed, sent flying directly into Conner’s impervious form as the Martian clapped her hands thunderously.

Artemis and Robin then appeared from the surroundings, plucked from the earth by the telekinetic alien and separated from their various weapons while Thorn watched cheerily.

“So, Robin,” he said, gesturing for M’gann to bring the Boy Wonder closer, “Seriously, your welcome for Belle Reve, and thanks for getting me out of there, but I think I’ll take care of myself from here.”

“Miss Martian,” he asked, “If you’d please knock them out.”

M’gann nodded blankly, her eyes glowing white for a brief moment as she telepathically induced sleep in each of her teammates.

“Perfect, Babe,” Thorn grinned, “Now, if you could just go to sleep yourself, that’d be great.”

M’gann lowered herself to the ground, landing lightly on her toes before she slowly lay herself down.

“And, seriously, Beautiful,” he told her, as she closed her eyes and consciousness began to slip through her fingers, “Thanks for the kiss.”

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A Thorn in the Side 24/?

Two days later, after having wandered deep into the Louisiana Bayou, Thorn was finally tracked down by an uncharacteristically pissed off Martian girl and her equally affronted team, spearheaded by an unsurprisingly angry Kryptonian teen.

He’d had a brief advantage, being in the middle of a marsh and, thus, surrounded by more plant life than he knew what to do with, but, frankly, he was doomed going in and he knew it. He did manage to put up a somewhat decent fight, but by the end of it he had a body that more resembled purple than green and a severely bruised ego.

“This is just plain ridiculous,” Wally complained loudly in his captor’s ears, handcuffed, an inhibitor collar in place, and hovering several feet above the ground, curled into the fetal position in order to protect certain appendages from view, “You couldn’t’ve at least let me get dressed?!

Aqualad and Superboy, both several meters away from the group as they waited for the Bio-Ship to track them down, didn’t react to Thorn’s whining. Robin and Miss Martian, both much nearer to the green skinned teen, continued to blush heavily as they fervently looked anywhere and everywhere else.

“You shouldn’t’ve been naked,” Artemis returned casually, eyeing his exposed flesh with a lazy smile on her face. Thorn may’ve been a super-criminal, but, hey, eye candy was eye candy, “Don’t know why a green kid’d want a full body tan anyway.”

“Gee, sorry,” he intoned sarcastically, head turning to face the blonde, “In case you didn’t notice, I’d just spent the past three months in one prison cell or another with about as little sunlight as you can get, and I happen to be part plant!

“So?” The archer asked, barely paying attention to his little rant.

“I photosynthesize!” He yelled, “I’ve been starving for three months!!!

“You should’ve said something,” Robin said awkwardly, eyes downcast as he made careful motions to avoid catching sight of things that would require him to coat his brain in bleach.

“I tried,” Thorn bit out, “But, noooo, after you’ve escaped a couple of times, suddenly the wardens get real shy about letting you out in the yard for any longer than they have to.”

“Your own fault then,” Artemis told him simply, eyes tracing out the lines of the hovering teen’s abdominal muscles, not paying much attention as emerald cheeks started turning a muddy brown.

“Okay, that’s it,” he said loudly, “Could someone at least give me some leaves to cover my dignity?”

“No way in hell, Captain Chlorophyll,” she replied, “We all know what you can do with a couple of leaves.”

She found Thorn’s guttural response to be fairly amusing, as bound hands strained to claw at something.

“I’m wearing an inhibitor collar!!!”

Her slight smile turning into a full blown grin as she realized she could see the Bio-Ship above the tree-line.

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